The Society of Master Beercierge was established to help improve the standards of beer excellence at retail, through knowledge, salesmanship and hospitality. Focused on enhancing beer service through extensive work in tasting, practice and theory, anyone can begin their journey through the Beercierge program. To reach Master Beercierge, one will be a true advisor of beer, with the most skillful understanding of beer hospitality & service, history and styles.

There are four levels of the Beercierge Program: Apprentice Beercierge, Certified Beercierge, Advanced Beercierge and Master Beercierge.

The Beercierge Program was established in early 2018, adding an event space and classroom in the spring (85 Leonard St, Belmont, MA 02478, lower level) which will allow us to extend our educational events and endeavors to anyone looking to learn more about beer, styles, history & ingredients, service & salesmanship, and beer & food encounters!

We have all been classically educated through the Cicerone Certification Program (Chicago, IL), Beer Judge Certification Program and numerous years in retail beer, in restaurants, bars, tap rooms, taverns, retail bottle shops, liquor & grocery stores and bodegas.

The Beercierge Educational Program is extensively focused on hospitality and service & salesmanship, which has largely been absent from the beer industry and our journey in beer education. While some of us may be home or professional brewers with a deeper understanding of beer brewing, processes and its science, this is not our core competency and certainly not what we believe is the most important aspect of beer education at retail. Our goals with the Beercierge Program are to help create better beer advisors in the retail beer segment of our industry.

If you have questions about our program or any level of certification, send us an email: We'd love to hear from you!